About us…

Welcome to the Rusper and Newdigate Bridleways Association website – https://rusnewbridassoc.wordpress.com

We are a group of riders concerned with making sure that the bridleways and other rights of way in Rusper, Newdigate, Capel and Charlwood and the surrounding areas are maintained to an acceptable standard.
We are affiliated to the British Horse Society.
New members always welcome – please enquire here.

A Brief History of our Group

Originally, the Rusper Bridleways Association, it was formed in the 1990s as a social get together to discuss bridleway problems around Rusper with a chairman, secretary and treasurer. Meetings have always been open to anyone interested and over the years the committee and members have changed.
In 2003, a worried group of riders from Newdigate contacted the group to ask for assistance with a bridleway claim. This was the western half of Dukes Drive, which everyone had always assumed was a designated bridleway, but the new owners decided to close it as it was not listed as such on the “Definitive Map”. The then RBA chairman, Roger Meekins, agreed to help and applied for the documentation. After more than 100 witness statement forms had been collected and the British Horse Society bridleways officer for Surrey, Avril Sleeman, had formed a case, supported by Surrey County Council, there followed a two day Public Inquiry. In due course, the result was positive and the whole of Dukes Drive became an official bridleway in 2005.
Since then, it was decided to spread the bounds! So now we cover a much wider area and have become the Association we are today. We did have a brief foray into becoming a Public Limited Company, but this proved expensive and non productive, so was dropped. When we volunteer with help to trim back paths, etc., we have insurance cover from the BHS or the local Council.

We are a friendly group, varying ages and some non-horse riders,  but, in common, we have an interest in accessing our bridleways and enjoying our lovely countryside.