Ongoing Problems

In Capel, the bridleway which runs from Clarks Green roundabout to Weare Street crosses the railway line.   Unfortunately, the new gates have been installed with no reference to the British Horse Society and the result is potentially dangerous.   The BHS were in discussion with Network Rail and the Office of Rail Regulation and hopefully this may eventually be rectified.

The latest on this is that the local riders find it acceptable now that there is room to manoeuvre a horse, but the BHS would prefer all gates to open away from the track with no latches.   They should be “push open” and slow self-closing, so that riders do not waste time on the track side.  



The bridleway through Reffolds Copse joins Parkgate Road in Newdigate on a very difficult (blind) exit.   SCC Highways have been asked for help, but seem unconcerned.   Eventually, we were given a triangle warning sign tacked on the back of another old one on the opposite side of the road, approx. 140 yds/120 m (?) before.   Negotiations have been started with the owner of the property to see whether some of the hedging/trees can be cut away to give better visibility to the right.

We have now bought and installed a convex mirror on the tree opposite to help riders see down the road, but great care still needs to be taken when exiting this path.


SCC Highways have been asked again for the sightlines to be cleared back (23rd May 2014) but as yet (3rd June) no answer or action has been forthcoming!

Newdigate Parish Council and the residents of Parkgate Road would like SCC Highways to reduce the speed limit to 30mph all the way from the village to The Surrey Oaks.     We support them on this.

In 2016 a new bridleway signpost was installed, making the path entrance/exit a little more obvious.

Reffolds Copse has very bad drainage problems and the bridleway is extremely boggy in wet weather.   SCC have included this on their list of paths to be improved.   The BHS requested this in 2009, but we are still waiting and to date (August 2017) nothing has been done.   

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