Great News!   It is now safe to use.  

Thanks to Claire Saunders who emailed this afternoon (12th Feb 2015) to say:-  “One of our contractors has cleaned off the bridge and replaced the cracked decking plank with a temporary deck  board .  We will replace this with a full length  deck board when we pick some up from the Guildford store.
The bridge will have a complete inspection as programmed on 1.5.15″

Jordans Wood Bridge (BW310) – unsafe with broken planks and hole.

Has been reported, but for more information please ring Claire Saunders on 01372 832646 or email her – claire.saunders@surreycc.gov.uk   (9th Feb. 2015)

Bridleway BW 183 is blocked at Lyne Farm – slurry pit, ditch, dodgy gate and poisonous Giant Hogweed.

Hannah Gutteridge of Mole Valley Countryside Access has been made aware  (PTD/NN 6.11.14), but should you wish to find out more, please email her – hannah.gutteridge@surreycc.gov.uk

The farmer has provided a temporary diversion and it is no longer blocked.   Hogweed???

Glovers Wood BW 311 – Not fit for purpose.   Deep bogs in the woodland.

Nothing likely to happen until it dries out in the summer.   More info – contact Hannah, as above.   (PTD 9.2.15)

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