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Members helping to clear Dukes Drive to widen the pathway September 2021 




Clearing party at Russ Hill bridleway nice and clear now

IMG_0086 IMG_0084

The new Pegasus crossing is now open on the A264 near the Kilnwood Vale estate.  You can now ride from the bridleway that starts at Wimlands all the way down to the A264 and cross over to more bridleways in a lovely wooded area to the south of the road.













The surface on part of Jordans Bridleway is now complete and is looking really good.  The farmer has sown grass seed on part of it to help the surface so please ride round this for the time being.  The field alongside is being left as stubble to facilitate this.

Glovers Wood BW 311

October 2015

Although we are still awaiting a final approval on the official diversion alongside the field end from Partridge Lane, we are really pleased to report that this path has now been re-surfaced by a local contractor, Nick Kenward, so hopefully it will withstand the huge amount of use it now gets!  Hopefully now, no more impassable bogs! 

Before the final surfacing, some vandals had fly tipped huge amounts of rubbish for some distance along the middle section of the path.   We have suggested that there should be a chicane to stop any more vehicles from entering from the Charlwood end and have offered to contribute to the costs of this.   Charlwood Parish Council may be able to buy a covert surveillance camera too.


SCC Pathwarden Scheme – November 2014

We now have a team of trained volunteers!  Also if we need help with a chainsaw or heavy duty strimmer, we can call on SCC’s volunteer co-ordinator, Barry Wildish, to come and lend us a hand.   This does not include removing large fallen trees blocking a path, but we are insured to keep the overgrown vegetation under control.   Those who attended the training have also been given their own pack of tools!

Beggarhouse Lane – this has had three sessions and is now nicely under control.   From a narrow, completely overgrown path, it is back to full width and most of the way can be cantered on, although you need to watch out for manhole covers which BT have been using to lay the new fast broadband. 


In October 2013, Surrey County Council did some surfacing in Glovers Wood

For a few weeks we all enjoyed a beautiful ride on a lovely surface.   This is BW311 between Partridge Lane, Newdigate, and Russ Hill, Charlwood.   No longer!   It is probably far worse than before now.

Enjoying the lovely new BR in Glovers Wood (1)

Enjoying the lovely new BR in Glovers Wood (2)

In October, Surrey County Council did some surfacing in Glovers Wood

Unfortunately, the rains came and the path had drainage problems, so all is not right at the moment.   Perhaps some selfish riders did not help by galloping their horses up and down before the surface had had a chance to bed down properly?   If only all horse riders could be a bit more sensitive to the conditions!   The contractors will have to come back now to see what can be done to restore the surface.

Now the surface is a series of deep bogs and is completely out of repair again.   We have asked the council to make it a priority that the contractors are called back to repair it.

Glovers Wood Bridleway 28.6.14 023

Glovers Wood Bridleway 28.6.14 012

Glovers Wood Bridleway 28.6.14 021





























In the meantime, the path alongside the field from the Partridge Lane end leading into the wood had become so overgrown it was difficult for a walker to get through  never mind two horses being able to pass each other.Glovers Wood Bridleway 28.6.14 001

Glovers Wood Bridleway 28.6.14 002

Urgent attention was the order of the day, so on Monday morning, 30th June 2014, six of our group met Barry Wildish, the volunteers co-ordinator for SCC Countryside Access.   He managed to cut a way through with his big strimmer and we followed with clippers and rakes, etc.   The result was really satisfying!


 Glovers Wood BW 311 Volunteer Clearing 003Glovers Wood BW 311 Volunteer Clearing 009















Glovers Wood BW 311 Volunteer Clearing 001

Now our  bridleways group have become a team of “Path Wardens” and we are going to attend a special training session supplied by the council.   Then they will give us some tools and allow us to go ahead whenever we want!


September, 2013.   All weather track for BW 310

Green Lane bridleway between Dukes Drive and Cudworth Lane, through Ray Haynes’ field.   Brilliant!   We are very grateful to Ray for all his hard work and care on this.   We are also very grateful to the following sponsors who are not horse riders, but feel it is part of a lovely circular walk from Newdigate village – thank you very much to Tanhouse Farm Shop! (click to follow link)   We hope even more people will call in now for one of your delicious lunches/coffees/teas!    Thank you very much too to Westlands Farm Stud for another very generous donation.   Last, but not least, thank you to Helyn Clack, Surrey County Councillor, for her contribution to this well used community path.    The rest of the money was put up by local horse riders and members of this bridleways group.   We have also received letters and thanks from other members of the local community.

Ray Haynes Bridleway Surfacing (2)

On 23rd September 2013, Ray very kindly put the finishing touches to the bridleway surface in his field. It is really great to have somewhere to ride off-road in winter which is no longer a boggy challenge!

  • Ray Haynes Bridleway Surfacing (1)

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